ITC Sponsors the 2nd National Computing Colleges Conference

IntegratedTelecom Company (ITC) a leading provider of telecommunications services andinformation technology sponsored The 2nd National Computing CollegesConference, which was organized by the University of Hail on the 22ndand 23rd of February 2017.

The diamond sponsorship comes withinthe framework of the company's ongoing commitment in supporting the developmentof the information technology and cognitive environment in the Kingdom in linewith the vision 2030.

ITC’s participation also came as asocial responsibility, through dealing with community of information andtechnology experts in the Kingdome.

The second National Conference ofColleges Computer (NC3 2017) is one of the first forums for learning, teaching, andresearch for computing colleges in the region which concerns of the exchanging learning, teaching and researchexperiences of all computing expertise. The conference presents the latestresearch and developments in computer education.

ITC isknown as a major provider of telecommunications services in the kingdomoffering services to government, commercial and private sectors, throughindependent and modern network linking Saudi Arabia to the world. It hasdistinct technical experiments applied for the deployment of telecommunicationsservices in the Kingdom and the world, using the latest information andcommunication technology.

Thecompany provides state-of-art ICT services and continues to develop itsinfrastructure and work on the development of internal systems and processestowards the achievement of a unique quality, in line with the aspirations ofthe customers.

ITCworks with a number of IT specialized partners to provide communicationsolutions, managed services and cloud services, which rank it in the forefrontof Information and Communications Technology Service (ICT) providers in SaudiArabia that enhances its capability to provide the best services that suit thegovernment and business sectors in the Kingdom.

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