FTTH Fiber internet FAQ?

A fiber Internet connection uses light to transmit data through fiber-optic cables, providing faster Internet speeds, greater bandwidth and more stable internet connectivity. .

You can subscribe to Salam Fiber through one of the following methods:

  • Salam Customer Care Team at 8005000788.
  • Salam Showroom.
  • Salam Fiber website www.salam.sa/fiber.

Salam offers a flexible contract depending on your needs:

  • Unlimited Fiber 100.
  • Unlimited Fiber 240.
  • Unlimited Fiber 500.

12 Months

Yes, the commitment period will be determined by your selected subscription period (12) Month.

Salam has given you the flexibility to pay your service fee through any of the channels mentioned below.

  • Full payment upfront through the below payment channels:
    • SADAD
    • Cash
    • Debit Card
    • Credit Card
  • Monthly installment through the below payment methods:
    • SADAD
    • Debit Card
    • Credit Card

Once your sales order is submitted. The Installation team will visit your are within 24 hours to install & activate your internet connection.

No, your router & service installation are done for free.

If you choose to pay monthly through your credit card, we will charge you the amount based on the speed and packages you selected, for more info, check the below table with monthly prices: www.salam.sa/fiber

Sure, you can upgrade your ZOOM Fiber speed at any time for free with no upgrade charges.

You can downgrade your internet speed free of charge

Yes, you can relocate your service at any time during your subscription period. Please note that Relocation charges apply (SR 615 will be paid once).

Unfortunately, Salam won’t be able to accommodate your relocation request & your contract will be terminated.

Yes, you can freeze your subscription up to 12 months per year, for a fee of SR 50 for each month.

You can freeze your service by calling our customer care line on 8005000788 or through Salam Fiber self-care portal.

Your Salam Fiber service will be automatically activated once your freeze period is over.

No, your contract will be extended automatically according to the freezing period selected.

Your service will be temporary disconnected until your service payment is received. Please note that if your service is disconnected for more than 30 days. reactivation charges will be applied (100SR).

You can cancel your Salam Fiber service at any time during your contract period. Please note that below termination charges will be applied.

Month - 1 Month - 2 Month - 3 Month - 4 Month - 5 Month - 6 Month - 7 Month - 8 Month - 9 Month - 10 Month - 11 Month - 12
1560 SAR 1430 SAR 1300 SAR 1170 SAR 1040 SAR 910 SAR 780 SAR 650 SAR 520 SAR 390 SAR 260 SAR 130 SAR

You can terminate your Salam Fiber service once your commitment period is over with no penalties.