Elite Internet is a state-of-the-art service for your business that consists of two major services; ITC Dedicated Internet (BDI) and ITC Anti-DDoS service. This sophisticated service provides you with the ultimate protection and the fastest internet. With this luxury service, you will get tasks done faster and easier, protect your sensitive data, save your time and efforts, and keep pace with the world. Let your business grow fast and safe by Elite internet.


  • Internet connectivity through our Tier 1 upstream partners.
  • Dual Stack Network supports IPv4 and IPv6.
  • Access speeds more than 1 Gbps
  • Multiple last-mile connectivity technologies including fiber, microwave and WiMAX.
  • Resiliency through two distinct international gateways (one connected to the east through our Al Khobar gateway and another connected to the west through our Jeddah gateway).
  • VLAN-based service
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA).
  • ITC is the first telecom company that provides its customers with their share of dedicated internet 1:1 , 1:2, and 1:4.

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